GHOD Assignments

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                                  November 2015             


Group Focus Points

There are many symptoms of the disease of addiction that have defied detection even with many years clean and without continuing to be vigilant in our work to combat those that have defied detection our recovery is in great peril. The deep psychological effects of the disease are rarely seen in early recovery.

After being clean for a while we may find ourselves having problems with issues that we never had while we were using, now after all these years clean, the disease shows up in a variety of ways that we don’t recognize as the disease being active, and if we don’t take it’s deadly nature into account, we are in real trouble. Thus we come to the solution found in our 11th Step.

We seek to improve, yeah right. It’s just not that simple or easy to become someone different than the person you have been for a very long time, especially when you may not have even been aware of what has happened to you or even more so, what has not happened. Without clearly understanding the nature of your dilemma we try to recover for symptoms that may not even exits, or may just be indicators of deeper issues that the disease is masking from you. How can you seek to improve and don’t know from what? Here we need to incorporate Step 2, what evidence do we have that makes us sure we have improved and conscious of that improvement? Explain? Has my acceptance grown to pray ‘only’ or are we still trying to negotiate, manipulate, and maneuver our will in the lives of others? When we practice the spiritual principle of surrender as referred to in the 11th Step something about our belief changes,

we accept that His will is better than anything we could have done for ourselves, a spiritual blessing called serenity becomes a part of our daily lives.

Quick Quiz

What prevents you from praying ‘only for His will’ in our lives and our loved ones?

Does pain seem to be the only motivation for you to accept that His will is best for you and your loved ones? Explain?

What evidence shows that your belief and trust have grown? Example

What power is now yours that you never experienced before this deeper level of surrender in 11th Step?