GHOD Assignments



        JULY 2017

                    GHOD July 2107 National Group Assignment

First, I want thank each of you for your support of our National meeting in Chicago and resounding message from that gathering. It was a complete success both spiritually and financially. For the first time we were able to meet the needs of the group, so thanks to each and every one of you.

Evolution requires that we stay Green and Growing, or We get Ripe and start Rotting. Thus we have made some major changes within the organizational structure of the group. I will no longer handle the business side of the National GHOD group that will be handled by a new BOD, thus my focus will be on the Sponsorship and Spiritual aims of the group.

                            Sponsorship – Vision & Values

We rarely tackle this tough topic head on in a serious manner with the caption above. Sponsorship and the visions and values that must evolve for the relationship to stay green and grow require a constant update for the values to meet the vision. We have some tough questions that need to be addressed in our group. I’m personalizing this so each of you can if so desired, can take a hard look at this issue.

What we want, what we ask for, what we get, what we give, what we take for granted.

Each of us must answer these questions in our own hearts and minds in our own words. When we swing the searchlight of Truth on each aspect of this, keep in mind that there is a caption on our currency, In God We Trust.

What do you want from your Sponsor?

What do you ask for from your Sponsor?

What you get from your Sponsor?

What do you give to your Sponsor?

What we take for granted about your Sponsor?

What visions of your Sponsorship relationship has changed?

What values of your Sponsorship relationship have changed?

These are very personal questions and only you can answer them, one way or another, you will be the one who receives the desired results of the Truth or Deception. It is still true, that if you want what the program has to offer and are willing to make the effort to get it, the ‘doorway’ through Sponsorship is a great tool to attain Success.

Remember, these exercises are designed for your own spiritual and emotion growth, don’t cheat you out of the blessing, a better you, don’t buy a Dummy from a Dummy.


Footnote: Living Clean the Journey Continues " ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS" Pages 156 to 165