GHOD Assignments

                                               JANUARY 2015

Our group has evolved in many ways over the last several years both in numbers and issues.  As with all large groups there will be internal and external forces that must be accepted as part of that growth. We will focus on our spiritual and emotional enlightenment to counteract those forces that would destroy us if allowed to go unacknowledged and unchecked. While the fellowship offers us a variety of sources to draw strength from we also rely on resources outside of the realm of the fellowship. Today we will venture into one of those resources. As with any of the outside information it is not to be discussed in regular meetings, but just inside the group.

(12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery) Alan Berger PhD

(1)    Believing that addiction to one substance is the only problem.

                        (2)    Believing being clean will fix everything wrong in your life


(3)    Pursuing recovery with less energy than you pursued your addiction


(4)    Being selectively honest


(5)    Not making amends


(6)    Using the program to become perfect


(7)    Feeling special and unique


(8)    Confusing self-concern with selfishness


(9)    Playing futile self-improvement games


(10)  Not getting help for relationship troubles   

(11)  Believing that life should be easy

(12)Using the program to handle everything




Of the 12 Stupid things that could put us at risk to relapse, which these do you see as the top (3) three that you have or have had an impact in yours since you began this process we call recovery. Each of us should take the time to identify our own top (3) three, and then further pursue them with our sponsor.

The healthy relationship through living traditions series may assist you in understanding how each one has an impact on your lives and recovery. 

Looking at the physical affect of the disease of addiction is easy to see, yet the deep emotional scars left are much harder to detect, thus the physiological effects don’t really start to be seen until you’ve been clean for a while and start to experience the fallout from them. Our 2015 focus will be as follows:






Food for Thought:

·         Problems are gifts that need to be carefully unwrapped.

·         The wisdom to know the difference comes after having had the experience.

·         Admitting we don’t know opens the door to learning another way of living and thinking.

·         You can’t think your way into a better way of living; you can only live your way into a better way of thinking, always keeping in mind that our best thinking got us into the program in the first place.