GHOD Assignments






We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.”



1. What does it mean "to the care of God as we understand Him"?


2. What is a decision?

a) How often can this decision be made? 


b)  Why must we make a decision?


c)  How do we take action to make this decision?


3)  What is the difference between?

a) Your will?

b) Your lives?


Step Working Guide states: We need to realize that making a decision without following it up with action is meaningless.  p. 22.


4) Give a personal example.


5) What is trust?

a) How do we begin to trust, and why should we trust? God, Sponsor, Fellowship?



The Basic Text suggests we choose a God that is loving and caring and greater than ourselves.


6) What are your feelings about selecting a Higher Power?


7) Why is commitment essential in Step three and your recovery process?


8)  What is love?

a) How do you love?

b) What does love with conditions look like?

c) What does love without conditions?


9) What are my reservations about turning your will and your lives over?

 (You must be honest with yourself)


10)  What spiritual principles will you practice living the Three Step?