GHOD Assignments




GHOD Step 5 Assignment May 2016


Many of us finished our Fourth Step with a sense of relief, thinking that the really hard part was over, only to realize that we still had the Fifth Step to do. That's when the fear set in. Some of us were afraid that our sponsor would reject or judge us. Others hesitated because we didn't want to bother our sponsor with so much. We weren't sure we trusted our sponsor to keep our secrets. We may have been concerned about what the inventory might reveal. There might be something hidden from us that our sponsor would spot immediately - and it probably wouldn't be anything good. Some of us were afraid of having to re-feel old feelings, and wondered if there was really any benefit to stirring up the past. Some of us felt that as long as we hadn't actually spoken our inventories out loud, the contents wouldn't be quite real.


1.     What were the things you were afraid of when approaching this step?


2.     How did you overcome those fears?


3.     What was the outcome of you going through with this step?


If working the 5th step is not just simply a reading of our 4th step with our sponsor as the basic text states:

1.     What else is involved in working this step?


2.     What is meant my sharing the exact nature of your wrongs?


We've finally stopped using over our feelings, running away from our feelings, and shutting down because of our feelings; now, for the first time, we have a chance to walk through our feelings, even the painful ones, with courage. Doing so will, in the long run, make us feel better about ourselves.


1.     What was the primary feeling you would use over in the past. Remember that using involves more than the use of drugs?


2.      How do you cope with this feeling today now that you are no longer using over it?