GHOD Assignments


            APRIL 2018 - SPRING ASSIGNMENT

Spring Spiritual Focus – Inventory

While it is very easy to see what you have done, it isn’t as easy to see the work that you didn’t do. Now we will take a closer look at what can eluded us throughout our recovery process, Serenity, which only comes from doing the work required in each Step. Our initial inventory sets the stage. The Step Working says ‘we will use the information to work steps 5-9, and this process is meant to be done again and again in recovery. Our work in the “archetypes’ will also help in understanding that our problems didn’t begin from using drugs, but much longer before then. In fact, we felt isolated and different long before we took drugs. Once we can identify the source, we can then make the effort to correct our unhealthy and untrue belief system that has cause us to continue in the rut of self- destruction. Grown people are responsible for themselves, their behavior, and feelings, but this disease cripples us spiritually and emotionally during active addiction and sometimes in recovery. So lets inventory who we are not and what work has been left undone.

Quick Quiz

What moral values and principles are important to you? Why?

What defect of character keeps you full of Fear? Describe

Does distrust of others still prevent you from having intimate relationships? Yes or No

What defect prevents you from having intimate relationships? Name it and describe its affect?

What, if anything would you change about who you have become since being clean?

Was it you or your disease who took your inventory? Pray, Think, Write, Pray, take Another Look.