GHOD Assignments

April 2014 Assignment







We define a phobia as ‘an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something’. You are probably aware of the more common phobias, such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), and agoraphobia (fear of open places).


Did you know there is also a word which describes the fear of freedom (eleutherophobia)?


People living in fear “with the notion” (not actual but just the notion) of freedom is called having Eleutherophobia. This fear could have had its roots even in the bible when during the time of Moses, the people grumbled when they experienced difficulty in the dessert and wished for slavery back in the hands of Egyptians rather than being free. This could be due to the fact that these people might have only known the life of being a slave and did not know how to act when they had to do things on their own. These people are more likely to be followers than leaders, and could not do anything without anybody telling them what to do. These are individuals who think that having freedom means having more responsibilities and they are scared of it.


Do you find that you need or prefer people to tell you what to do rather than make your own decisions and mistakes?

Note: Think hard to any and all of your life situations that cause you fear in the decision-making process.

Do you ever romance that life using or in the last useless relationship you were in is more rewarding that your present situation?

What situation were you in that you are convinced is better than you’re here and now?

Do you think that finding a new way to live is too difficult to imagine so you continue to show up without changing? The change needed could be in a sponsorship, romantic, friendship or work relationship? It could even be an area that you are struggling within yourself with yourself.

Are you afraid of responsibility? Which ones exactly?

Be specific about which notion of responsibilities that make you anxious? Is it a relationship that you feel should end but you stay for fear of being totally responsible for self?

If so, why?

Symptoms of Eleutherophobia include suspicion of others, a sense of servitude, nausea at the thought of freedom, social anxiety, tremors, difficulty of breathing and weeping.


Do you experience suspicion of others? Be specific as to whom and why you are suspicious of them?

Do you experience fear/anxiety when meeting new people?


Do experience social anxiety? In what situations do you experience this brand of anxiety?

Does being in certain situations make you anxious? What specifically are they?

To overcome this fear usually requires information. A person should understand what freedom means and how it can provide personal and corporate liberty.


What information do you believe you would need to be completely free of the symptoms of eleuthrophobia?


What does freedom mean to you? Be specific.


What can I do to provide myself personal and corporate responsibility that the NA literature speaks about?