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GHOD Step 6 Assignment

August 2016

Step Working Guide…

Step Six

"We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character."

The sole purpose of working the steps is to attain spiritual growth. The introduction section of the Basic Text speaks to the necessity of applying spiritual principles in our lives in order to treat the disease of addiction and find a new way to live.

Basic Text: (Introduction)xxxvi

“Based on our experience, we believe that every addict, including the potential addict, suffers from an incurable disease of body, mind, and spirit.  We were in the grip of a hopeless dilemma, the solution of which is spiritual in nature. Therefore, this book will deal in spiritual matters”.

Have you ever found yourself in a hopeless dilemma? Explain

Explain the time when you did, and did not. What was the outcome of both experiences?

Living Clean: A Spiritual Path

There is no separation between the “spiritual part” and the rest of our program. Just as the facets of a diamond are not separate from the stone, the spiritual aspects of our program are not separate parts; they are perspectives on the whole. It’s all spiritual. Our understanding of what that means may change over time”.

Step Working Guide: Moving On

 “We may have had fleeting glimpses in the past of what we could become - maybe during childhood, maybe during our active addiction.  “We probably thought either that life didn't put us in a place where we could become what we dreamed of, or that we were just innately incapable of rising to a higher place. We may once have dreamed of money, or status, or position”.

 “In the spiritual program of Narcotics Anonymous, we're more concerned with spiritual growth”.

How have you short circuited yourself from fulfilling your dreams?

What did you believe that prevented you from fulfilling it? What do you believe now?

Step working guide step six..

“If we have been thorough, we have also developed some humility. In Step Six, "humility" means that we're able to see ourselves more clearly. We've seen the exact nature of our wrongs. We've seen how we've harmed ourselves and others by acting on our defects of character. We've seen the patterns of our behavior, and we've come to understand how we are likely to act on the same defects over and over. Now we have to become entirely ready to have our defects of character removed”

Identify a repeated pattern of behavior that causes you to act on the same defect(s) of character over and over. Name three and explain.

IWHW Step Six states…..

“The insight we gained in Step Five regarding the exact nature of our wrongs, while valuable, is only the beginning of the striking changes that take place in our lives as we move on to step six. The admission we made of the nature of our wrongs, our character defects, is necessary if we are to be ready to have them removed.  Deeply shaken by our part in our past, we can expect our attitudes to be profoundly changed by working the sixth step”

Upon working the sixth step, and or this sixth step assignment, has your attitude changed? Explain

Living Clean: A Spiritual Path

“Sometimes we think of spiritual principles as separate from the actions we need to take, but in fact they are connected. Spiritual principles give us a language through which we develop our values and learn to live by them. The principles describe our beliefs, our actions, and the reasons we act. Our relationship to the principles we practice is creative. We learn from day to day to use them in new ways, in new combinations, to better express who we are and to help the people around us. When we understand them better, we are able to act more consistently with what we believe. As we practice spiritual principles, we discover that this doesn’t “make us spiritual” at all. Instead, we are awakening to what has been going on inside us our whole lives. Spirituality is our natural state”.

Question for the night.

The principles in the sixth step are commitment, perseverance, willingness, faith and trust, and self acceptance.  How does living the principles connect us to the actions we need to take, express who we are and help people around us?




Step working guide (Step 6), Basic Text (Introduction), Living Clean (A Spiritual Path)