GHOD Assignments




GHOD Step 7 Assignment

September 2016

Step Seven

“We humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.”

Spiritual Principles in the 7th Step:  Surrender, Trust, Patience, Faith & Humility.

“We found strength beyond ourselves and learned to rely on it. We examined our lives and discovered who we really are. To truly be humble is to accept and honestly try to be ourselves. None of us is perfectly good or perfectly bad. We are people who have assets and liabilities. Most importantly, we are human.”     Basic Text:  (Step Seven) pg. 35

Question:  After self examination, what has been revealed to you about who you truly are? What are your assets and liabilities?

“Many of us will work this step without reservations, on pure blind faith, because we are sick of what we have been doing and how we are feeling. - This is our road to spiritual growth. We change every day. We gradually and carefully pull ourselves out of isolation and loneliness of addiction and into the mainstream of life. This growth is not the result of wishing, but of action and prayer.” Basic Text pg. 35-36

Question: Do you have any reservations of working this step? If so, describe what actions you need to take to change your course.

Question: How has your behavior been a constructive and destructive force in paving the road to spiritual growth?

Question: Does your prayer life demonstrate a solid vested relationship with your Higher Power or is the line of communication with your Higher Power based on foxhole prayers? Describe

“Trust and faith alone can never carry us through a lifetime of working this step; we need to practice patience, too.” (SWG; pg. 66)  “Patience is an essential ingredient of working this step. We may have difficulty with the notion of patience because our addiction accustomed us to instant gratification“. (IWHW)  pg. 71

Question: In this step, we ask a loving God to remove our impatience, our intolerance, our dishonesty, or whatever shortcoming is currently in the way. What shortcoming(s) still remain as a hindrance in your life today? Describe.

“Self-acceptance changes over time. We learn to live with our frailties and imperfections. We find that the defects we accept and forgive are more likely to be removed than those we fight against and try to control. “Living Clean The Journey Continues: pg. 14 -“A Vision Of Hope”.

Question: What defects of character are you fighting against and trying to control? Describe.

“With each step forward, we must turn around and retrieve a piece of our past. Defects of character are removed, but other things are as well. We change jobs and find out how much our identity was tied up in what we did for a living, or we experience a change in our relationship and find that it changes us in other ways as well. This can be upsetting. We may not want to admit that what worked for us yesterday is no longer in our best interest. As we start to know ourselves, we may be afraid to keep growing because it opens up the possibility that we might lose the self we have only just gotten to know. Experience teaches us that the more willing we are to move forward in our lives, the more fully we become ourselves.”  Living Clean The Journey Continues: pg. 27 “The Ties That Bind”

Question:  Describe a situation in your life where what worked for us yesterday may no longer be in our best interest today.

Question: Describe how living the principles embodied within this step: Surrender, Trust, Patience, Faith & Humility can ease the fear of growth and change.